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Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to enjoy ACE IPTV?
  • A compatible TV, any Phone, Laptop or Tablet, Smart TV, Android Box or Fire Stick. 
  • An internet connection – at least 10 Mbps
Is there any physical installation?

None whatsoever, get signed up and ready to start streaming in less than 10 minutes.

Which payment method(s) do you accept?
  • Our portal supports Visa, MasterCard and other major cards payments
  • PayPal settlements
What speeds are required for the service?

We recommend a minimum of 10 Mbps on a wired connection (ethernet cable). However, don’t let us spoil the party for yah! Go on, get the FREE trial and check for yourself whether it runs well on your internet connection

How can I get a free trial?

Click here to get a free trial.

Can I use 2 devices at the same time?

We’ve limited the use to one device at a time per subscription. However, you can set it up on as many devices. Should you need to stream on two devices concurrently, please reach out to us for an extra connection.

How often are the movies/ series updated?

Updates occur daily and as soon as new movies / series are released.

I would like to renew the service. Can I pay before the expiry date?

Yes, you need not wait until the expiry date. You can pay for your account earlier, but your renewal will only start to count from the expiry date of the previous subscription.

Still Have a Question?

Don’t hesitate, contact us via our contact form or using the Whatsapp button. One of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible!

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